5 ideal places to take photos in Hanoi

Hanoi gives you the unforgettable memories with the charming and attractive sightseeing. It is sure that you want to share your own experiences with your friends, Taking beautiful and impressive photos of Hanoi is the best way to do that. Here are the list of 5 popular places for photographers.

  1. Hoan Kiem Lake

As a must-visit destination in Hanoi with Turtle Tower surrounded by azure water and bright sky, Hoan Kiem Lake is the one of the most favorite place for photographers. There are 1.7 kilometers of pavements bordered by green trees running along the lake bank, which create a vividly eye-catching background to take splendid photos. Especially when the sun goes to bed, photographers can catch precious moments on the verge of the sky turning twilight with sparkling lights from these trees.

The travelers can enjoy the romantic, peaceful beauty in the Lake area all four seasons of the year.There is no reason not to take photos with this beautiful natural picture of fresh air, flowers and ancient trees, pure water and architecture. Besides since the beginning of September 2016, the Hanoi walking street model is also a new space for photographers to capture cultural activities and local entertainment.



A corner of Hanoi soul – Hoan Kiem Lake

  1. Hanoi Old Quarters

As the oldest continuously developed area of Vietnam, Hanoi’s Old Quarter represents the eternal soul of the city with a history of 2,000 years. If you want to discover calm gentle beauty of Hanoi, there is not any spot better than Old Quarter. The fascinating Old Quarter contains uninterrupted stretches of colonial and pre-colonial architecture, well-preserved on dense warrens of narrow, wonderfully atmospheric streets. Covering the northern half of Hoan Kiem District, people could clearly feel the smell of dried falling leaves, water and soil when walking around the Old Quarter.



A romantic glimpse of the past in Hanoi Old Quarters

  1. Long Bien Bridge

Designed by French architects from Daydé& Pillé, Long Bien Bridge is not only well known for being a living historical witness but also for its great architecture. It is also a favorite location for many lensman to bring history into their photographs. You can feel the old spaces via the typically ancient brown of the past on rusty screws from the remaining spans. From different angles of the Bridge, you will be amazed for its unique and ancient beauty. During the dry season, rows of green banana tress and yellow maize create an exceptionally area with breathtaking natural scenery.

The best time to wander around Long Bien Bridge is at sunset or sunrise in the early morning. You can capture the spectacular scenery as well as experience daily life of Hanoians. You will be surprised when finding the quiet time among the vibrant capital of Hanoi. It is definitely among the finest place to watch sunset and sunrise in Vietnam for both local and travelers.

  1. Hanoi West Lake

With a circumference of 17km and plenty of historic places of interest, West Lake is known another wonderful spot for taking photographs. Just a 15-minute driving from Hanoi Old Quarter, West Lake is places for many locals and tourists seeking respite from the busy city as it provides a great natural beauty with plenty of quiet spots in the sizeable botanical gardens. Visiting West Lake during the summer, you can capture the brilliant lotuses paint a corner of the sky with bright pink and fresh green. According to the demand of visitors, there is a service leasing equipment such as small boats, lotus bouquets and “Yem” (a unique ancient Vietnamese bodice) for photo shoots with reasonable prices. In addition, Sunset at West Lake is an unlimited inspiration for photographers and every passer-by, which create a majestic and breath-taking view.

  1. The Temple of Literature

As a first Vietnam national university, The Temple of Literature is one of Hanoi’s most picturesque tourist attractions. There is a magnificent main entrance and a path, once reserved solely for the king, running through the center which built based on the birthplace of Confucius. The immaculate gardens are considered a serene place in which students can relax with ancient trees. There are stone statues and inscriptions dotted throughout the temple which has retained many of its original features as the most renowned landmark of academia in Vietnam.



Gate of Temple of Literature


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