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Do I need a Vietnam Visa?

If you are Russian citizens, you do not need to obtain a Vietnam visa if your stay in the country is no more than 15 days and your arrival date is not within 30 days from previous exit of your entry without visa. Otherwise, a Vietnam visa is required. For other nationals rather than Russian, please check you requirement here:

Can I get Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Yes. As a Russian passport holder, you absolutely can get a Vietnam visa on arrival if you travel to Vietnam by air. For other nationals residing in Russia, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for more details or check out at

What type of Vietnam visa do I need?

There are various types of Vietnam visa depending on the length of your stay, number of entries and the purpose of your visit. For purpose, Vietnam visa includes tourist visa and business visa. And for length of stay as well as number of entries, Vietnam visa includes 1-month single entry visa, 1-month multiple entry visa, 3-month single entry visa and 3-month multiple entry visa.

What are documents for Vietnam visa on arrival application?

To apply for Vietnam visa on arrival (applied online for visa approval letter), you do not need to submit any document. Just access to and fill out the form with a few required information including full name, date of birth, passport number, passport expiry date, arrival date and purpose of visit. Nothing else.

How quickly can I obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival?

To get full Vietnam visa on arrival, you need 2 days at maximum to get visa approval letter online (issued by Vietnam Immigration Department as official permission allowing to board flight to Vietnam. You need to get it before departure for Vietnam), and then about 15 to 30 minutes at Vietnam airport to get full visa.

Can I get Vietnam visa on arrival if I travel to Vietnam by land or cruise?

No, you cannot. Vietnam visa on arrival is available for those who travel to Vietnam by air only. If this is your case, you need to apply for Vietnam visa at a local Vietnam Embassy.

Can I enter Vietnam later than my granted arrival date?

Yes, you CAN. You can enter Vietnam later than your granted arrival date in visa approval letter, but please keep in mind that you CANNOT enter Vietnam earlier than that date.

What is total cost of Vietnam visa on arrival?

To use visa on arrival, you need to pay two kinds of fees: Service fee and stamping fee. The service fee is fee to be paid online to travel agent for processing visa approval letter on your behalf with the Immigration Department, and the stamping fee is the fee to be paid in cash to immigration officer at Vietnam airport to get visa stamped.

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